Sports Medicine Specialist

Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists provides comprehensive orthopedic care by doctors and therapists who are specialized in sports medicine. The practice serves the greater Denver communities in Colorado, while welcoming patients and athletes from around the world.

Sports Medicine Q & A

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a specialty field within orthopedics that diagnoses, treats, and helps patients recover from sports and physical fitness injuries. Sports medicine doctors treat a wide range of patients from young to older adults. The focus of sports medicine is also about injury prevention. An athlete may become injured and part of their recovery would be education on how to prevent another similar injury. The correction of posture, strength building, and learning how to exercise safely are all examples of sports medicine and prevention education.

What Professionals are Sports Medicine Professionals?

Orthopedic doctors who specialize in sports medicine are an example of a sports medicine professional. Other professionals who specialize in sports medicine include physical and occupational therapists, trainers, exercise professionals. The only person qualified to provide a diagnosis, however, is a doctor. Other medical professionals provide therapy or training.

When Should I Ask To See a Sports Medicine Doctor?

It really depends on the injury or mechanism of injury. Most sports injuries are fractures which are well within the realm of any orthopedic doctor to treat. If you have an injury that was caused while playing sports, and you wish to continue to play that sport, then you should see a sports medicine doctor. Many sports medicine doctors understand the physical toll that a specific spot has on the body. They see the same types of injuries and they might be better informed about treatments, therapy, preventative education, and even the latest supportive equipment. If you have a sports injury, the goal for you is complete recover with the knowledge to prevent future injuries. At the Denver-Vail Orthopedic P.C., we provide more than just treatment for a sports injury. We offer the education that helps you prevent future injuries too. Learn to play smarter, stronger, and longer by learning to care for your body.