Rehabilitation Specialist

The doctors at Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation to help patients from across the greater Denver area recover from injuries at four conveniently located offices in Denver and Parker, Colorado.

Rehabilitation Q & A

What is orthopedic rehabilitation?

Orthopedic rehabilitation is the treatment of issues with the musculoskeletal system including muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. These treatments help patients who have difficulty moving. The limited mobility can be the result of an accident, sports injury, a chronic condition, or a post-surgical occurrence. Patients usually have some kind of weakness that can be improved with specifically targeted workouts. The activities and exercises used can help to increase mobility and to relieve pain and discomfort. Rehabilitation therapy also helps to improve a patient’s physical function. The goal is to make it easier for a patient to complete necessary, everyday tasks and activities.

Will I have rehabilitation for a broken leg?

Yes. Rehabilitation is where the therapists fit you for crutches, teach you how to use them, and help you remain mobile and safe while in a cast. After the cast is removed, your orthopedist may prescribe more therapy to help you regain the lost muscle mass that occurred from the immobilization of wearing a cast.  Rehabilitation is a critical part of recovery from an injury that involves bone, muscle, and tendons. The results of rehab are what help you to fully regain strength, balance, and posture.

How does rehabilitation work?

Every patient who comes to us is treated for their specific, individual needs. The therapists develop a unique plan of action customized to fit your needs. The therapists do this from the moment we first see you until you are released and deemed recovered. Your rehabilitation is no different. Your therapist looks at your injury, the parts of your body that are affected, and what challenges that you face. Your therapist then crafts a rehabilitation plan that specifically focuses on your needs with the goal of offering you a complete recovery from your injury. That is why Denver Vail Orthopedics employ specialized doctors and therapists who are experts on specific joints and the injuries that occur throughout the body. That knowledge helps us help you to recover faster and with more precision.